Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Since the last post I've been on a bit of a fishy roller coaster. I've lost two rasboras to the fungal infection. The infected long fin serpae died. Two of my female guppies were also in a bad way, one blew up like a balloon and the second developed a bent spine in only two weeks. To top it all off my interest in the 90 gallon tank apparently rekindled the owner's interest in it. He decided to try and fix what's wrong with it. That was a huge disappointment.

Ok so its not so much a roller coaster as free fall.

I'm not sure what my course of action from this point is gonna be. I'm thinking of setting up the quarantine tank and putting the serpaes in it. Leave them in there and see if anything happens to the remaining three. I do know I want more neons and cories. If anything happens to the serpaes I may give up on them and use rummynose tetras.


Angela said...

I told you this already, but you should buy more fish for the corner tank.

Aaron said...

I know. I plan to buy more fish for that tank.

And another tank for more fish.

Jai said...

I had the same problem about 10 years ago. I have researched the cause and effect under the microscope(for 8 hrs!!!!!!)
I tried different methods to get rid of the virus, and found out that there is one easy way, but it might cost your fish its life. Put the fish under 120 degree water for about one hour. During that time most of the virus will die and the conditions will not allow it to multiply.

BTW: I am a fish lover who studied fish for almost 15 years. I also have skills with devices in the lab at ODU