Friday, April 24, 2009

Quarantine Set Up

Anyways, after the losses I've decided to build back some of my stock, specifically non-characins since no one but tetras have been having issues. I set my quarantine tank back up, with sand this time since I'll be dropping corys into QT soon.

However... that's a month in the future. I was in Petsmart and had a moment of weakness. Petsmart is the only place that has red wag platies. I love red wag platies. I bought three female red wag platies. I made sure to get only females, small ones, and none that were visibly showing. There's probably zero chance they're not knocked up but I'm hopeful they'll hold off on giving birth until late in quarantine and I'll be able to move the moms right over into the main tank and let the babies grow out in the QT. At the very least I've got a week or two to get a few more to get some more small plants to help the fry hide if they're born early.

After the platys and maybe platy fry I'll be getting some more cories, 4, and 4 more neons. There could be a couple more serpaes in the future but not until the remaining three have a good two months of good health.


Holly said...

Looks like some interesting fishies. I want to get a fish tank too, but mine always seem to die, obviously I'm not doing something right!

Aaron said...

How do you set your tank up? If the filter isn't set up properly, cycled, then dangerous toxins can build up in the tank and kill the fish.

The aquarium fish forum link I have will take you to a forum where you can find a lot of info on starting a tank. I'm also a moderator there.